School Calender



TERM I 2016

Opener exams C.A.T II - First week of opening

Visiting day 30th - January

Mid - Term Break 26th - February to 1st March

Form 4 Academic day 29th January

Form 3 Academic day 8th February

Form 2 A cademic day 5th February

Prize Giving - Thanks Giving day

Sports- Cross country, swimming, Basket ball, Hockey, Rugby 7’s, 

TERM II  2016

Opener CAT 2    - May

 Parents Day    - June

Mid-Term Exams- June

Mid-Term Break  - End of june
Mock KCSE  - July/August
End term C.A.T 1 - July/August
Sports - Handball, Athletics, Rugby 15’s, Soccers, Volleyball, Racquet games, Music

Festivals and science congress.


Opener C.A.T. II  - September
Education Day form 1 - september
Post Mock Exams form 4 - September/October
Mid-Term Exams  - October
Mid-Term Break - Mid october
Prayer day for form 4’s - October
K.C.S.E. Examinations - October/November

History Makers

History Makers of Mumbuni Boys

The history of the world is just but the biography of great men and women. Myles Munroe says great leaders are …

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Student Council


Students Council 2016

     The New elect 2016 Student Council  Together with their supporters members of …

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