The Arab people have a proverb that says “an army of sheep led by a lion would defeat an army of lions led by a sheep.”

2014 President Michael Kisinga and his deputy James Mbole Student Executive council 2014

This is true to say to the pioneers of the first elect student council 2014.  The president then Michael Kisinga given a platform to give a speech made a humble request to the BOM chairman Hon Bernard Mungata to have ten o’clock tea and his request was granted. 

There were other achievements in the 2014 student council era among them were introduction of tracksuits which rose the students’ self-esteem in games competition, blazers for the student councils, school acquiring music system and the first ever talent show to be held in Mumbuni boys.

The 2014 student council leadership had confidence and was able to express itself in a bold way.

 2015 President Henry Muli 2015 Executive Council

When word came out there, there was new sheriff in town president elect 2015 Henry Muli, he hit the docket with a bang.  He came with a lions roar.  There was order and organization and discipline cases were low.  Their achievements were change of diet introduction of eggs twice per week, order in the dining hall cleaning of tables after meals, they were more academic oriented and thus led to introduction of discussion groups for form one to form four.  

The 2015 student council personal expression to the other students ensured smooth running of the school.

2016 President Nelson Nyangwara A man of the people able to interact with fellow student in a discussion forum

And the winner is Nelson Nyangwara president elect for 2016 yet another public figure who continues to move the masses, he has unwavering determination to meet the upcoming challenges of 2016 which include the rebirth of scout movement, music festivals, student baraza, bring the spirit of competition to games, clubs and class academic performance all this geared to achieve the goal of raising the student self-drive.

It’s our hope the situations will provoke you and your team student council elect 2016 to have a lions heart and give a lions roar to achieve your potential

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