Chaiplancy Desk


I hereby take this precious chance to thank the Almighty for His Love.  He has guided, protected and preserved us for His purposed.  I appreciate this because of the wonderful teachers, parents, NTs and students that He has given Mumbuni School.
The department is concerned with the spiritual matters of the school.  It has the C.U branch

School Chaplain: Rev Kaunange

C.U Patron:  Mrs. Malinda

C.U Chairman: Eric Wathome

C.U Vice chairman: Bonface Muoki

chap cu
Sschool Chaplain Rev. Kaunange Christian Union Patron Mrs. Malinda

I want to take this opportunity to highlight our achievements this is because whoever dwelled on the failures cannot progress. Purchase of new instruments, attending rallies, enriching young talents mentoring and giving spiritual nourishment to students.
Future goals more students to grow spiritually and morally upright, holding more C.U rallies
School prayer

The Regained Mumbuni Glory
We were last, but now we’ve found

Our prestigious glory had been blown away

Many intimidated us but never heeded to their

Discouraging words

Oh! We cried upon the Mighty One

From whence could our help come from

Only to realize where we had fallen

We raised above the normal, shook our dust

And stepped on it. Finally the lost

Glory was with us

School Prayer

Ee Bwana Utusikie, Bwana utusikie

Ee Bwana utusamehe, Bwana utusamehe

Ee Bwana ututendee, Bwana ututendee

Ee Bwana ututazame, Bwana ututazame


Twahitaji Ee Bwana utuguze mwaka huu  X2


Maombi yetu kwako Bwana usituache tukaibika

Maombi yetu kwako Bwana usitupite mwokozi wetu

Unapo bariki wengine, usitupite Bwana Yesu, twahitaji

Ushindi mkuu shule yetu  Mumbuni  X2


Ee Bwana uyasikie, maombi na kilio chetu,

Kuanzia kiadato cha kwanza hadi kidato cha nne,

Bariki Bwana, Bariki Bwana, tupate alama za juu

Tisa na Kumi kuendelea  X2



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