Mrs. Mbuvi H.O.D Languages
 Language department teachers


This is a department which offers two languages (Kiswahili and English)
The departments objective is to cultivate a tradition of communicating using both English

and Kiswahili by all students, as well as to improve the performance of the subject in the

National examination.
The department is manned by the following; committed and able teachers;

Mrs. Mbuvi - H.O.D.

Mrs. Kioko

Mr. Mwololo P.

Mrs. Ngui

Mr. Maranga

Mr. Mutisya T.

Mrs. Wambua J.

Mrs Wiseman C.

Mrs. Musyoki

Ms. Ngonge

Mr. Kimwele

Mrs. Malinda

Mrs. Mbuva

Mrs.  Musyoka

Mrs. Wambua J.

Mr. Simbili

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