House Reports



We have five houses namely:- Mwangaza, Upendo, Umoja, Amani and Hekima.

 Mr. Mutisya Amani House Master on a Thursday parade  Mrs.Kilonzo P.(Upendo House Mistress) its one of the houses that got a face lift 

Winner takes it all 2015

Term one Hekima House

Term Two Upendo House

Term Three Umoja House



 Mr. Matheka Mwangaza House Master  Mr. Mutune H.O.D Boarding routine with Amani House Members

Student Council


Students Council 2016

     The New elect 2016 Student Council  Together with their supporters members of …

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Boarding Department

Boarding Department

 In this department we try to enhance hygiene in the Houses and the Dining Hall.Students enjoy free stay in their …

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