Brave Strides



Brave Strides

The administration Block Beautiful compound and classrooms

She was pioneered and given a life by the late Benjamin Wambua Kaloroto a teacher by profession and an Educationist.  He had great foresight for Mumbuni School to augment to the phenomenal institution it is today. 50 years later. She has churned out renowned professionals such as Hon. Bernard Mungata, the county Assembly speaker of Machakos County, integral sportmen such as Mr. Kathenge and Mr. Kiingi as well as multi-talented people among them the most popular comedian in East Africa, Radio host and entrepreneur Daniel ‘Churchill’ Ndambuki

Churchhill and Professor Laban Ayiro planting trees Hon. Benard Mungata BOM Chairperson

50 years ago Mumbuni began as a Harambee school by then the school fees was Ksh. 300/= per year obviously a lump some amount at the time.  In September 1965 the first class kicked off. The school in teething was initially hosted by Mumbuni Primary School (formely on Scott Christian University grounds).  The first Headmaster was Mr. Simon Mwatu.  He later stepped down for his Deputy Mr. Kivuu Mulwa during their reign Mr. Mwatu taught Kiswahili and Geography while Mr. Kivuu taught CRE and History

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The Chief Principal leads by example in 4X class teaching maths

Mrs. Malinda teaches using technology (Homescience/English)


The school was still in budding stage and therefore there were very few teachers in the school occasionally a teacher from the primary school would step in to teach.  Books and apparatus were borrowed from other school.

A well equiped lab The water supply (Borehole)

Mumbuni has since relocated the school stands tall and proud 3KM North of Machakos town at the foot of the picturesque Iveti Hill Ranges. Mumbuni ceased to be a Mixed Gender School in 2004 when girls school was started opposite the boys separated by Kangundo Highway.  Both schools live in oneness as siblings of the same mother.

School Farm Dairy farming

Over the years mumbuni boys school bears the pride of having not just a principal but a Chief Principal the highest rank a teacher can have and one of the few     spread out across the country currently Mr. T Wambua is the Chief Principal since 2009.  Progress in Education, sports and infrastructure development is evident in Mumbuni since its origin.

Reading shed and used for group discussions by form fours Reading shed and used for group discussions by form ones

Today Mumbuni boys’ high school has erected several structures like 20 well-built spacious classrooms fully equipped laboratories with projectors for E-Teaching and learning.  Mumbuni high school therefore has proved that she is compatible with the globally unfolding technological advancements.

The school nurse treating a student The school dispensary

Mumbuni atmosphere is one which God has made pure purified by oneness brotherliness mentorship and welcoming sprit.

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