Kitty For The Needy



At times when a student is stranded in school due to zero visibility due to lack of school fee, when there is something constantly threatening your learning foundations, altering it and your stability and predictability.  All your life in school becomes this cloud that paralyses us.

During these crises we forget to be grounded.  At this time you should take time to reflect on your goals and dreams in spite of the hardships you are undergoing.  Dreams of many young men have been cut short due to financial challenges and inadequate resources.

Majority of our bright students come from poor backgrounds and have multifaceted challenges among which include lack of fees, some go without food, source of light and unfriendly environment and terms while at home.

A delay is not denial in an effort to bring hope, teachers, students, parents and well-wishers launched a kitty for the needy to help meet the needs of vulnerable students

The school Chaplain is in charge for the students’ welfare needs that has been fully supported by the administration.  Other tasks that he has achieved visiting the sick students in hospitals, attending funerals of students’ relatives.

Future projections

To establish a home for the needy and vulnerable students
Special thanks for those who have assisted.  Inspiration from the candle “A candle does not lose power by lighting another candle”

Inspirational words

Mighty and strong

United as a school community

Marvelous and gorgeous school

Boys of high discipline

Unique and the best

Neat everywhere in the school

Intelligent boys

Beyond other schools

Obvious we will pass our exams

Yearning to achieve better results

School Motto: Together we excel

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