Web Quest



A five store building just collapsed, the video clip was presented to students, and emotions run high.  In the past few months this was a common scenario in the Kenya Television network a major challenge to the building industry in Nairobi and its environments

Why are buildings collapsing?  This question was posed by the multitalented physics teacher also the patron of Acrobats Club, Talanta Club and Handball Coach.

A physics class Mr. Gikungu physics/Chemistry teacher

Out of that question a web quest was created.  A web quest is a new way of teaching that focused on building a real world scenario that a student can connect to and solution i.e. take a real problem in the environment.

A web quest has certain steps that are:

1.    Introduction
The video clip the teacher used was a hook for the student to get interested in the physics lesson

2.    The task
The project given was to be done in one month there were activities do be done in class and outside class.  The project name was building safe houses in Konza city


3.    The process
The teacher guided the students by giving questions to act as a guide line
Secondly the teacher divided the class to five groups
Some of the questions as guide lines

a)    What factors affect when building setting up a building
b)    What type of soil is needed
c)    How does one need to set up the foundations

4.    Resources
There was use of internet
Checking the building that is in school (New staff houses under construction) if they met the required standards
Interview with resource persons in that field


Class presentation Peer teaching

5.    Evaluation
The teacher with the students evaluated themselves to check the key areas quality of content, quality of group presentation, quality of research, organization and quality of communication

6.    Conclusion
The project achieved its objective and on the evaluation sheet they scored excellent marks
Mr. Gikungu’s determination depicts a successful  story that web quest activities empower students to work with real life issues and they develop skills like research, critical thinking, organizational skills and team spirit.

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