News Flashlight


News Flashlight

Lastly but not the least the school website would not be complete without this feature.  The events made news during the year 2015. This is where the students, teachers and BOM and support staff meet and interact with each other.


Mr. Thuranira ICT Teacher Students in ICT Class

The ICT lab received 20 computers form C.F.S.K (Computer for Secondary Schools Kenya) and 50 more form the governor’s office for emerging 9 out of 310 schools in the county KCSE 2014

Party of the Year

Kudos for a great comes back from 2013 to Umoja House.  Just when we thought Umoja was undisputable giant in cleaning only, this house proved us wrong by starring in the sports.

Victory smiles House Captain and House Tachers

Hate it or love it Umoja is the house of the year 2015 and had the best party.  It’s one of the houses that would be a force to reckon with 2016. This is because the team is no stranger to leadership the team is comprised of House Mistress Mrs. Mathews, House Captain Andrew Muthoka and special thanks to the Deputy H. Mistress Ms. Ngonge for you are a uniting force and could not have done without you.

House Members 2016 Student council united

Promise of the year

Pioneer sport to celebrate victory in Mumbuni Boys School rugby team

The carrot was put before the rabbit any sport, club or activity to compete and reach metropolitan level a goat was to be rewarded.  And true to his word the promise was delivered to the Pirates our school rugby team for being the county champions.  Special thanks to all the players and Coach Mr. Mwololo who is also the school deputy.  The school team proceeded to the metropolitan level.  You did us proud


Members of 1North Class teacher 1N. Mrs. Komu Biology/Chemistry teacher

The members have got class and style as well, they attract attention of the whole school none other than members of form one N (North).  Their unique way of doing things excelling in academics, discipline, dress code, order in class and winners in sports interclass competitions 2015.  No strings attached it’s only fair we give credit where its due. Mrs. Komu (Chemistry/Biology) The closest class teacher to the class (1N members call her Mum) she is always there to correct them and congratulate them when they do good and gives them a reason to believe in themselves. Congrats for the good work you and the class did 2015 hope next year 2016 the school will sambaza a goat to you.

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