2016 News Feed



2016 News Feed

Year Starters

Victorious 2N

Remember them not quite really lets refresh memory in news flash light 2015 the feature exposed  their unique way of doing things this year they have started the year with a bang! The first top five students in form two stream all came from one class.  The Chief Principal a man of honour and keeps his words well the mbuzi was finally sambazed to them.  Hope the class keeps the same tempo thorought the year 2016 Kudos to Mrs. Komu for  a good begining. 


Class Members 2N 2016 Seeing is belive here is the goat

Year of Reward

For updating and creating web pages, the school website Administrator received a a certificate of the best managed school web site. 

Ms. Ngonge receiving a certificate for the best managed school website  

Philanthropy at Young Age

A visit to Nyumbani village in Kitui

The article was featured in star time 10th March 2016  

Student Council


Students Council 2016

     The New elect 2016 Student Council  Together with their supporters members of …

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Boarding Department

Boarding Department

 In this department we try to enhance hygiene in the Houses and the Dining Hall.Students enjoy free stay in their …

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